Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Everthing's bigger in Texas

So what's big in Texas? (Read the following in a charming sutherin' acksent)

It's friggin' weird to see a church get supersized.

Driving through the outskirts of Houston and San Antonio, I saw maybe three or four big ones. I wish I had my camera to show you guys some photos cuz it was ridonkulous sizes.

Do you guys know how big Earl Haig high is? There are churches here in Texas that are like four times bigger than that school. Like, one of these texas-sized buildings could easily be the new mega wal-mart coming to your small town. I don't think Ryerson University is as big as one of these mega churches (exaggerating, but that's how I feel).

I love the oversized coffee drinks here.
McDonalds doesn't offer any coffees in a small size.
There's only one way to drink that iced coffee and that's in a large plastic cup, half ice, half creme, five pumps of vanilla sirrup and some coffee! That's a dollar seventy somethin'!

For some reason or whatnot, the clouds are really really big.
They make everything on thr ground seem pretty miniscule.
When there's a nice white puffy cloud in the sky, it'd be a normal thing to see God standing on one of 'em with a big smile on his face. Waving at ya with a big pitcher of sweet tea!
But come across a big monstrous grey cloud, it look it'll shoot a bolt of lightning out itself into your face! It's a scary thing.

More big things to come as I see em folks...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Mom > most Moms

i refer to ">" as a symbol for "cooler than"
Why didn't I just write my mom is cooler than most moms?
because she's that cool.

Here's why:
My mom now has official training from the FBI on what to do in an event of a bioterrorist incident in America.

And the other day, she had to go investigate an escaped monkey spreading some weird jungle sickness in her jurisdiction of Houston.

Wow mom!

More updates on my Houston trip to come.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Another all-nighter...

It isn't surprising that this is my third night staying up past 5 AM. 

It really isn't. I have a good feeling that I'll be doing a lot of this staying up...early-ness?

I watched the sunrise. 
It wasn't much of anything except for seeing the buildings go from dark to bright in what felt like an instant. 

I'm feeling so tired. 
I forgot to mention that I'm downtown right now. Stayed up all night trying to finish one of my novels for my final exam on wednesday. It's called Lost Horizon - have you heard of it? 
It's about Shangri La if that rings a bell. 

Anyway, I should've finished this book a while ago...but I didn't. So, I spent my Thursday night at Robarts Library at UofT. Then me and my group of cool Toronto people moved the study party to a friend's apartment at Yonge and Wells. 

I'm sticking around for now so I can pick up some student discount movie tix from Ryerson. 
Also looking for a new NLT bible. Yeah, really loving that version more. NLT > NIV from what I've read so far. 



Wednesday, December 3, 2008