Thursday, January 31, 2008

Citizen Journalism (JRN 112 Assignment #1)

I'd love to get a nice SLR digital camera to shoot some awesome photos. In the back of my mind, it's nice to imagine capturing moments on camera for the world to see - get published in a magazine that everyone knows about. Time, Walrus and that sort of thing. But it's just not practical. A student like me has to eat and pay the tutition fees - I got to get by on what I have.

But, it's almost encouraging to see how much of an impact someone can do with a cheap little camera phone. I think that's one part about citizen journalism that I love - the fact that news networks like CNN will use shaky, blurry and pixelated images taken from an amateur with a camera phone.

The person who whipped out their camera phone and recorded this university student getting tasered at this Kerry event became a newsmaker - they were there and that's what's exciting. Playing a role in getting reporting the news first didn't mean having the best equipment, the best technique or the most journalistic integrity and reporting skills. In these situations, being where the story happens is the least it takes to be a newsmaker.

I'm not saying that having the luck of being there and a camera phone ready trumps the abilities and integrity of a real journalist or photographer. Citizen journalism - capturing images and footages let's everyone interact with their news and events like never before. That's what I love about it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Drivers license woes...

I went through my ryerson email and looked through all the wonderful out of town/province internships I could've applied for, but they all require a drivers license.

I've put off getting my G1 (learners permit) for too long.
I'm getting my G1 done and over with so I can get the ball rolling to getting my full license.

So here's the deal, whoever is reading this. Harass me and keep me accountable for getting my license.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Talking with a Chinese waitress...

Djang: Hey let's take a picture - get the waitress to take it for us.

Bhan: Okay - excuse me miss. Could you take a picture of us?

Waitress: Oh? You wanna high chair? I'll get you a high chair.

Bhan: What?

The End.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Marriage By Design - Voddie Baucham

Okay, y'all are going to think he's either crazy or amazing because what this guy preaches is like totally from the Bible (which you either think will be totally right or wrong ahhah).
But no matter what you think or what you believe in, this Voddie guy is an awesome speaker and speaks with lots of reason and wisdom. He's a lot of fun to listen to. Chances are, if you're like me, you've never heard this kind of message being spoken.

Thanks again, Edgar.
These are streaming audio of his sermon series:

Marriage in the Beginning (Part 1)

He Must Be (Part 2)

She Must Be (Part 3)

I kinda screwed up the links for part 2 and maybe 3.
So if it ain't working, go to the original post and click on the links there.