Monday, November 9, 2009

Global News: Part Deux

My second week was focused on camera work.
I was shadowing cameramen as they went out with their reporters.
Went out on a lot of H1N1 stories haha - mostly with Darryl K. from News Hour.

Not much to say, it was fun - a lot of watching and observing but
I got to shoot some b-roll, which made it in to two news reports.

DK's coverage of Toronto's budget committee meeting on Tuesday:

(Close-up of a hand holding a pie chart) + (A man and woman looking stressed in front of a pie chart)
= Maybe three seconds of footage?

Politi's H1N1 piece that ran Friday
= Five-second zoom out of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

And about an hour of learning
how to use this thing:

"Whoa, old-school stuff."

That's what most of the editors said when they saw me use this thing.

It's known as tape-to-tape editing. Linear editing I think.

This one camera guy really encouraged me to learn this in and out. He says it's still being used in some trucks and at other stations.

"If you learn how to edit on this thing, then you'll really know how to edit," he said.

I'm gonna take another crack at it this week and maybe I'll get the hang of it.