Thursday, October 29, 2009

My first few days at Global News

Even though today's only the forth day of my internship here, I feel like a lot of this experience has been nothing but surprises.

I'm doing a tech internship here with Global News.
For six weeks I have a different responsibilites and experiences each week.

They got me starting out indoors working with tapes and feeds. Day one I've been uploading footage from tapes as they come in and once in a while patching daily footage from Queens Park to the station.
Nothing exciting, it's pretty relaxing and the studio is really an awesome site to see.
It's a huge open space with red pillars that look like T's.
HDTV's everywhere. In the actual newsroom where I'm at, I've counted like...10 of them, but there's still the Global News and ET control rooms too.

Anyways, TANGENT!
Here's how I feel.
HUMBLED!! I used to think I was pretty hot stuff, being all fancy with my NewsEdit expertise at Ryerson, but man these guys are using a crazy arsenal of different software and technologies just to get their news shows up and running.

Last night, about 30 minutes before Global Toronto went to air, I sat in with an editor and a reporter while they put together their package.
Wow! Reporter had a script ready, and recorded in about 2 minutes for a 1:30 minute piece.
Sub-clipped footage, knew exactly which shots to use, matching pictures to script, boom boom boom. They were done in like 20 minutes tops.

At school, putting together something like that would take me an hour at the least.
I shouldn't have expected anything less from them I guess cuz these are pros, they've been doing it for years now. It's like a machine, just going with the motions.

But yeah, for those who are reading this, I'll fill you guys in on more when I'm out and about. Next week I'm going out - on the field. I'll be with a camera guy and just helping them out I guess.

Brian out.

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