Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In need of a shoe rack...

It doesn't look like a lot, but my place isn't big enough for all of these shoes.
I can't open my door properly unless I put em away in to that little rack.
The top shelf is for my essentials - running shoes, dress shoes and timbs for those snowy days in canadia. The rest is all just for looks. It needs to stop.
It would be really ideal if there was just one more shelf that I could stack there on top. But I think i'll have to settle on getting a new shoe rack all together - a really tall shoe rack.

Anyone have any suggestions? Post your links, I'd really appreciate seeing some cool shoe racks.
(I said racks a lot didn't I....)

1 comment:

Ernie said...

shoe rack = canadian tire. just go to the shoe rack section. you'll find a nice functional one there lol
or as a last resort you can buy a bookshelf and just use that as a shoe rack since you have so many shoes, lol

PS: nice one on the hanging out with just boys on vday and watching a chick flick hahah!!! i spent vday (actually the morning of vday with 3 boys, lol)